Episode 08: How to Build a Wall in the 21st Century.

Episode 08: How to Build a Wall in the 21st Century.

Trump Wall
Can Trump Really Build a Wall



Boundaries have been important to our on-going discussion so far. The boundaries of credulity, the boundaries of knowledge and concepts and the boundaries of sound quality which I am seeking always to improve.

Today, we take a more literal approach as we look to Trump’s wall and the various meanings that can be derived from it. We ask what does it mean to have a wall, a fence, a limit to our physical and personal space?

Another driving question in today’s episode is:
Why do good fences make good neighbours? We will hear from Robert Frost directly but think about the resonance of that idea. Limitations to space, demarcations of a perimeter allow for the construction of an identity, be that of a farm, a garden, a room or indeed a person.

To book end this discussion I have included one of my favourite biblical songs “Joshua fit the battle of Jericho” and a reading from Joshua six which ends with the redemption of a prostitute who housed Joshua’s spies.

What would your world look like if you didn’t have boundaries, would you feel less safe if your room had no walls? How important are the limits of your personal and physical space? Is this what Trump is playing on at the deepest level in his election promise to build a wall, or is it political rhetoric about an infrastructure project? Today you will get a chance to decide that for yourself.



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