Tangent General Podcast Episodes

Tangent General Podcast Episodes

  • Look and See a documentary about Wendell Berry
    Wendell Berry Part 01
    admin, March 18, 2018
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Here are the Episodes!! The Tangent General Podcast is a major part of what this corner of the web is all about. The podcast is designed to be a 30-40min audio entertainment experience that can assist you to escape the dull monotony of every day life. On this canvas I paint with sound, and use the depths of my aural space to produce thought provoking ideas.


Trade secrets are secrets for a reason! However, I want you to feel confident that I know what I’m doing 🙂 I use a Rode Procaster into a iConnect AUDIO 2+ and I use PreSonus Studio One to record and edit. That’s sort of where the science ends though and the Art begins when I construct my episodes.

Part of what I do is to listen to as many different interesting sources as I can. Just like with my Notes and Quotes a part of these episodes is an attempt to enter into a dialogue with the broader podcasting community.

Is It What It’s Supposed to be?

No! It is going to take a long time for it to be what it’s supposed to be. In fact, as the episodes continue to be rolled out the meta-idea of what the Tangent General is will evolve and take shape into something new. Your feedback and comments are an integral part of this process.

How Can you Support the Show?

If you are enjoying the episodes of the Tangent General Podcast then consider sharing the new releases on social media. Getting the word out is free and it helps us enormously. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and make sure to ring the bell. Please also consider joining the Patreon campaign, each donation is important no matter how large or small. Finally leave a review on iTunes to help others like you find our work.