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Tangent General Articles

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    Leaving Pleasure Island
    admin, June 15, 2017
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I enjoy writing and I enjoy arguing. The articles you find on this website are a reflection of that. My articles won’t appear on the website quite as often as my Notes and Quotes series though. They will also be less academic in the sense of dealing with the deep and influential ideas of our recent philosophic past. In contrast, the articles will be my attempt to explain the various phenomenon I experience in my daily life.

Background for MY ARTICLES

By now you will be aware that I am a Graduate of Monash University. I completed a Masters degree researching the role of conspiracy narratives in contemporary society. I was taught the Harvard Style of referencing and believe that this is a powerful engine for developing an argument. Beyond that though, my writing background comes from years of needing to express myself. Books like The Keys To Great Writing and A Dash of Style has been invaluable in aiding me to learn this craft.


The six W’s (How doesn’t start with ‘w’ but it ends with one so it counts): What, When, Where, Who, How and Why are central characters of all my articles. Writing for me is a process of discovering what I think about a topic and how I feel about it. I make no attempt to be perfect here, in fact I am willing to embrace my mistakes and correct them in later articles.