Pilot Episode of Tangent General


This is the first offering of a new venture for the Tangent General.

He speaks in the third person, he discusses weird things, he edits like his mad – but that is the beauty of the Tangent general, you can’t hold him down or box him in.

This pilot episode has come under the name – Notes from Oz. The name “Notes from Oz” is specific for shorts completed for the Always Record Team @ Future Episodes will come under the name “Tangent General”. This episode also has a count down at the very beginning – but this has been kiboshed as it didn’t really add to the general sense the General was going for.

The pilot show is a method of starting to construct the framework through which season one can begin. There will be continuous work on the show from week to week and the soundscape process will develop over time. Parts of the pilot show were written in 2013, I have been working hard to develop a format for the podcast that I would enjoy since then. The two story format is something that emerged from the notion of holding attention. The human attention span is limited and anything longer than 6 minutes or 16 words is pushing the boundaries of that attention span. As a corollary of the podcast itself, I am working on a series of articles that I will post with some regularity on the website. Over time the general themes of the Tangent General will begin to emerge.

Instead of a studio, I have an “ideas laboratory.” This is a tip of my hat to radiolab, for they have developed a format that I deeply enjoy. There are many influence though that have contributed to the Tangent General’s concepts and likes and dislikes. These shall be explored somewhat implicitly in future shows.

A Quick Run down of the show –


No introduction

Story 1: Thinking about Language and Talking

Story 2: Blade Running Down the Lost Highway.

And that’s it. So please enjoy, leave a comment and let me know what you think and what you did and didn’t like.


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