Wendell Berry Part 01

Look and See a documentary about Wendell Berry

Is there a relationship between our mood and what we put into our bodies? Is there a deeper relationship between what we put in our bodies and how we are treating the planet? Climate change, Climate change denial, erratic weather, drought, flood and natural disaster, extended seasons of summer and winter have become a common experience for us all.

Today we take a look at what it means to suffer depression, what it feels like to have little or no control over your changing moods. I share with you my story of why I have been away for nearly three weeks. Life is not fair. Fairness is a dirty word, with awful implications. Life is harsh, but it needn’t be brutish and short. I invite you to consider how we can all work toward taking better care of ourselves and our environment. The first step is to treat our bodies and our minds with kindness. To allow ourselves the space required to overcome difficulties and challenges that present themselves to us.

The second step, our second story is about how we have allowed convenience to override our natural desires to be healthy and to be organically connected to the world. We live in a world that is increasingly becoming built for machines. Automation anxiety is a real felt experience, and for many their jobs are at high risk. Employment today is a game of exploitation. The notion of self-sufficiency when linked with the dread of the robots is still closely associated with the kind of men that are represented by Ted Kaczynski.

Industrial Society may have a tough road ahead in balancing the human needs with the requirements for computer automated living convenience. But we as individuals whether renting or not can all take small steps towards cleaner diets. I am not perfect, I still eat pizza and find myself in drive throughs. But I also do my level best each week to cook more often than not.

I am grateful to Drew for introducing Wendell Berry into the ongoing many to many discourse that is the podcast medium, and I hope that his message gets a chance to reach more and more people. Let this episode and the next be a small step in that direction.

I have been humbled these last few weeks with the feedback that I have received. I am truly grateful that the efforts I put into making this show are enjoyed by the listening audience. I hope that I can do justice to the guests who have kindly lent me their time to assist in producing a high-quality show. As I’ve said before, feedback keeps me productive so please continue to send it in. Again, I ask for your help in promoting this show, if you enjoy my efforts then please share on social media. If you really like my work then please leave a review on iTunes. Actually, if you really dislike my work then leave a review there too, it all helps. Finally, if you’re financially secure and wondering where to spend your disposable income, consider supporting me directly via patreon.

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