GRAMMAR – The Power Inherent in Nouns

And God Said: Let there be Light, and he saw the light and he saw that it was Good.

If you’ve been keepingĀ  up with YouTube furor recently then you’ll no doubt know the name “Jordan B Peterson.” For years he was a professor of little to no world fame and then, like a bolt of lightening, he resisted using Pronouns such as Zer and Ze in reference to Transgendered people (please note, this is a great oversimplification on my part to emphasize a point, Peterson’s particular battle is much more nuanced and regards legislation regarding pronouns among other compulsion that he objected to). Immediately, this has highlighted the power of nouns, specifically in this case Pronouns, because Peterson has been thrust onto the world stage.

Yet what is more important is that he elucidates how nouns (or more correctly giving something a name) has the power to conform and channel the abundant chaotic energy of the world into actuality and order. This is such an important insight, so I do highly recommend watching the short video below and then watching the full lecture series called Biblical Series, which is available at Peterson’s YouTube Channel:

I mentioned in an earlier post that the Trivium is the antidote to fake news. This is a true statement, but it doesn’t really do justice to what learning the trivium is all about. In this post I am very much going to focus on Nouns and their remarkable power that is largely taken for granted or goes unnoticed. Just to give you a brief example of this – think about what happens when you start to label containers and shelves in your kitchen. Not only does your kitchen have more order to it all of a sudden, but it has definition. That is the power of nouns right there. The Trivium then, is a process in which the world is understood filtered firstly though Grammar, then analyzed logically and then enunciated rhetorically. In other words: Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric. There are many places on the internet now that you can go to learn more about the Trivium, and I do highly recommend that you do. However, this is as much as a disclaimer as anything else to say, that I am working to complement these sources by presenting my own experiences and understandings of the Trivium method.

Speaking of Nouns in particular, you may remember from school that a noun is a person, a place or a thing. Yet, as Peterson so clearly articulated in the clip above, it is in the act of naming something that it becomes a person, place, or thing. This is essentially magic!


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