Episode 10: The Fragile Absolute Part 1 with Doug Lain

Episode 10: The Fragile Absolute Part 1 with Doug Lain

Žižek vs Peterson round 1
Žižek and Peterson are controversial figures. Doug and I discuss them.


Žižek is a Lacanian helgalian or a helgalian Lacanian, I can’t work out which, he is also a continental philosopher, not just because of the work he draws upon but also because of the geographical location from which he was raised and emerged. The Lacanian aspect opens up the Freudian/neo Freudian split which includes everyone from Klein to Rank to even Wilhelm Reich, whilst the Helgalian aspect opens up the Kantian, Nietzschean spectrum which includes Sartre, Derrida Foucault through to Adorno and Fromm. On top of that he is a Marxist, if we can add another dimension to this matrix, but he is radical and violent in his radicalism so perhaps more correctly he is a Stalinist. This is such a diverse and unique mix that brings out such a controversial figure in the media that is somehow at the same time hypnotic. Certainly, he is not a one-dimensional celebrity like a will Smith or John Wayne or even to some extent a Jordan Peterson. So, the question for you Doug, in all this is, is there a difference between Žižek as the philosopher and Žižek as the celebrity. In other words, is something lost in his writings by his very stature in society?

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