Episode 11: The Fragile Absolute with Doug Lain Part 2

Episode 11: The Fragile Absolute with Doug Lain Part 2

Doug Lain this weeks guest
Doug Lain is the publisher of Zero Books and the Author of Bash Bash Revolution



Have you had enough of Jordan Peterson and Slavoj Zizek yet? Never?!? Me Neither, these are important theorists of our time – we may recognize that we are living in the age of the analogue of Nietzsche and Marx and so on and so on although it’s not entirely obvious that that’s the case. Either way, in this episode we travel a little further down the road to knowledge and wisdom. This is part two of a discussion I had back a few weeks ago now with Douglas Lain. Doug is an amazing person and has taken the responsibility of running an imprint on successfully. I really think that you should be reading at the very least, Capital Realism by Mark Fischer and Kill All Normies by Angela Nagle.

Too often echo chambers form on the internet. Podcast’s, blogs, forums, facebook groups can get lumped into a “category.” For Zero Books or for that matter Sam Harris, SRSLY Wrong or Ben Shapiro this is intentional. But for others like School Sucks, the Peace Revolution and even Gnostic Media or Red Ice Radio (at some point in the now distant past for both shows) there is a drive towards wisdom. A curiosity towards understanding the nature of the discourse without having to immediately label it capital L LEFT or capital R RIGHT.

If you were to draw a venn diagram of Zizek and Peterson that juicy middle section would draw the eye. They have a lot more in common than they have in terms of differences. Yet, they are at opposite ends of the spectrum politically. When Doug and I sat down to talk in January of 2018, the heat of the three or four years of polarization in American politics was as hot as it still is in February of 2018 and probably March, April, May of 2018.

I don’t want to be called a Nazi and I don’t want to be labelled as an SJW or a snow flake. I just want to follow the bizarre path the Truth takes through all of this. So again, I want to mention that Doug is a Marxist, Critical Theorist with a Left leaning imprint that publishes Critical Theory. But that is one dimension of who he is, he is a father of four a husband someone who occasional digs up interesting life histories from the obituaries. Politically I am nothing like him and everything like him, always already becoming a Marxist, always already a free market Libertarian.

As complexity continues to domainant the very social interactions that are possible. You hearing my voice now, the ability to tweet at celebrities and cause twitter carnage, the ability for freshman undergraduates to form political coalitions that result in professors losing their jobs…

Any honesty in dialogue is now obscured by the lens of perception. In this episode, part two, as in all the episodes I want to smash together opposing ideas to see what sticks out. Listen to what is being said by each of the voices you are about to hear. Consider their view points philosophically, but most importantly be free to disagree with your heroes. It’s not enough to be able to think for yourself anymore, you have to be able to look your predecessors in the face and say FUCK YOU.

So to that extent FUCK YOU DOUG LAIN. I can’t wait to have you back on the show.

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