Notes and Quotes

Notes and Quotes


I’ve been taking notes on interesting texts since 2006. Now I am going to share the best of them with you. I will also be working on new research and the notes from that will be under this heading.

What are Notes and Quotes?

To read, one must be able to write. I’m not sure where I first heard that, but it’s an interesting idea. When I read, I typically have a notebook with me (or at least on my phone) so I can take notes as I read.  I follow a specific system for note taking and I will now elaborate on that.

System of note taking

My system of note taking has evolved over the years. From a young age my father taught me to learn how to learn. What is learning how to learn? It’s a form of meta-cognition.  My particular flavor of meta-cognition is commonly known as the Trivium Method. Some of the key aspects of this are detecting logical fallacies and being mindful of grammar. However, I think a great tool is to engage in a dialogue with the material. By writing summaries of the ideas in my own words I develop a deeper understanding of the key arguments. That is what I am sharing with you. A summary of the arguments interspersed with quotes that I believe add meaning to the dialogue.