Episode 06: Thinking Laterally about the Sun

STory 01: Lateral Thinking – Story 02: Is the sun hot?

What is the Sun? How does it work? Does it’s temparture change how we interact with it? How can we understanding our own ability to understand in the process of problem solving? There are many perspectives available to us at any one particular time, but the ability to recognise the abundance of potentialities is not always readily apparent. Enter Edward De Bono, author of (among other things) Lateral Thinking. By extending our horizons beyond convential wisdom and engaging our critical and creative minds, suddenly questions such as how a factory on the lake can be downstream from itself, or is the sun actually hot? Go from being patently absurd to being interesting thought experiments.

In Episode 06 we delve deep into the concept of Lateral Thinking and ask one of the weirdest questions we’ve asked to date: “Is the Sun actually hot?”

I explain my absense and detail you on some changes that have taken place. I also tease you as to what is coming down the line.

This is a rather lengthy episode and I am particularly proud of the montage in the second story.  So buckle up for the journey is a strange and multifaceted one, but full of thrills and wonder. Be fear free, maintain an open mind and embrace the weird.

Welcome to Episode 06 and welcome back to the weird!


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