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This is the Transcendental Tangent General –  and I am pleased that you have arrived. I am your podcast host and website editor. I will deliver content that you can enjoy, be entertained by and learn from. I am not Holden Caulfield! I am one of his class mates though. I follow the tangents and the diversion and investigate how the structure of our thoughts has come together.

Just like you, my interests are broad and varied. I am keen to learn how we can not only survive but thrive in the world. The Tangent General Podcast is only one avenue through which this investigation is taking place. On this site you will also find articles, ideas, sketches and notes and quotes from research I am conducting.

You have a large choice of who you wish to support and sponsor, so it is greatly appreciated that you are here. Please consider become a patreon too. I love your feedback so please feel free to comment and discuss the ideas the General brings to the table.

This site is updated regularly, so be sure to click back often.

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